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Artventures is affiliated with the GGTO guarantee fund and the travel trade association VvKR. Your money is guaranteed safe with us!

The letters GGTO stand for Guarantee Fund for Specialized Tour Operators. The GGTO guarantee fund (also valid outside the Netherlands) guarantees travelers who have booked a package tour **) with an affiliated tour operator that they will get back the already paid part of the fare if the tour operator is in financial insolvency and can not perform the trip properly for that reason. This can be for departure but also during the trip. In addition, the GGTO Guarantee Fund guarantees your return journey during your stay if the tour operator, as a result of financial inability, can no longer take care of this.

The affiliated tour operator carries the GGTO logo on its website and letterhead and refers to the guarantee scheme of the GGTO Guarantee Fund in its travel conditions. You can find all affiliated tour operators on the GGTO website. Is your (dutch) travel provider not listed? Then this travel organization offers no guarantee through the guarantee fund.

The tour operator charges its passengers a customer fee of € 15 (£ 13.20) per booking for this guarantee scheme. With these contributions, which are paid to the GGTO, the guarantee fund is built up and maintained. If you have booked with an affiliated tour operator, and this tour operator is in financial insolvency, and you have already paid the travel sum (in part), you can claim your paid amount from the GGTO.

VvKR logoArtventures is also a member of the Association for Small-scale Travel Organizations VvKR. The members are experience experts and stand for a personal approach and are focused on small-scale tourism. The trips are carried out with small groups or on an individual basis and the overnight stays are often in authentic accommo­dations in unique locations and with respect for the local culture, traditions and working methods. These travel specialists are distin­guished by their involvement and expertise. Membership number Artventures: 19015.
**) Package travel: The guarantee is offered on package holidays, such as painting, walking and yoga trips and complete packages. The guarantee is not offered on separate bookings of accommodations or air tickets. We therefore do not charge a customer contribution for such bookings.

Documents and links (only dutch):
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