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Holiday in Hungary. Experience nature in its purest form during this unique holiday.

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You want a really nice holiday. With your family to a fantastic place. Or walking with like-minded walkers. Or just come paint. Or mold with soapstone, but you can also make beautiful things with roof tiles. Yes, roof tiles!

But yes, where is that possible? Not many travel providers are left. But you already understand! Artventures is then your your travel partner. Welcome to the solar plateau in Hungary. We are also on an international walking route and also in the middle of a beautiful nature park.

Holiday in Hungary


Holiday About us (in short)
About HungaryFive good reasons for choosing Hungary now!CheckmarkYou want to do something, meet new people and enjoy yourself
CheckmarkThis is your chance to unwind and/or prevent for a burn-out
CheckmarkYou love nature, tranquility and silence, but also culture and history
CheckmarkYou want a holiday where everything is well organized and affordable
CheckmarkTo a country you do not think about so quickly, but very interesting
Give yourself this nice holiday. Then feel as reborn:
- You met new people, and enjoyed the peace and the beautiful nature
- You were on nice hikings or done yoga, or you have been creative
- or relaunched with your family, but still doing something fun every day
That's what we offer. And a nice gift if you book your holiday now!

Welcome to Somogy, in South-West Hungary, bordering the Lake Balaton. A healthy climate with many hours of sunshine.

 Holiday place name sign Somogyacsa

Centrally located, in Koppány-valley nature park, with lots of opportunities for excursions for all ages. Fun, entertainment, culture, excitement and relaxation.
Holidays with family, friends or individuals and groups. Looking for a relaxed or active holiday, with us, Artventures in Somogyacsa can do this all for you.
* www.holidayinhungary.com, we rent authentic villas (with swimming pool)
* www.paintinginhungary.com, Painting in Hungary, sculpture and mosaic workshops, accompanied by artist Annerie Mol (creative Dutch artist)
* www.hikinginhungary.com, Hiking in Hungary, hiking accompanied by a English speaking guides. Go with a group in a beautiful landscape with a lot of variety. Also single and seniors travel!
* Yogacourse in certain creative weeks.

It's so beautiful and the air is pure. It feels great!

What can we do today:

In a beautiful natural landscape, the national park "Koppány valley". Where we can hear the silence, admire millions of stars on the clear nights and in the season you hear the burling of deers in the wood.

Beautiful hikings in the Hungarian countryside with a beautiful continental climate. Enjoying our pool with view over the Koppány valley. Enjoy a magnificent panorama view of the hilly landscape with forests, fields and vineyards. Staying in authentic Tanya's, these are typical farmhouses of this province. Fully furnished and equipped with all amenities. With various beautiful terraces, pergola, swimming pool, outdoor grill, fruit trees and grapes. With us the pure life is respected as to cooking outside in the kettle over a wood fire. Relax in the Igal Thermal Spa (8 km away) or read a book in the hammock under the walnut tree.

Holiday Map Koppany Volgy naturpark

Artventures is located in the middle of Koppány-Völgy Nature Park in Somogy, Hungary. A wooded area of 16,500 hectares of lakes, a rolling hilly landscape, natural springs and includes 12 villages where time has stood still for 40 years. In the immediate area you can go hiking/cycling, horse riding, but especially enjoy the peace and nature. There are some restaurants nearby, as well as museums (among others in Andocs at 7km) and you can buy local products such as honey, wine, palinka and jam, embroidery and lace. Enjoy and 'have fun'!

Watch a video of the area here.

Why holiday in Hungary?

Hungary is a beautiful country in the center of Europe (not Eastern Europe as is often said). It borders many countries such as Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia (e.a.). A hospitable country with a rich culture, architecture and beautiful nature. This is a perfect country to enjoy a wonderful holiday, for example by walking or painting. But also a wonderful family holiday is definitely recommended. Hungary was originally part of the double-monarchy Austria-Hungary (Kaiser Franz Jozef & Kaiserin Sissi) until 1918. After the Second World War the country was communist, until the fall of the Wall in 1989. Thereafter the Republic of Hungary arose and since 2004 Hungary has been a full member of the European Union. However, the Hungarian Forint is still the national currency. Come and paint or walk and discover the glorious past, the present and the beautiful nature.
During your holiday in Hungary you can enjoy a lot of variety of things. Some key words that suit us best are: Centrally located - Nature - Pure - Relaxing - Respect - Hospitality - Culture - Mindfulness - Enjoyment - Wellness.

Why Artventures?

Artventures has 3 beautiful houses for you in the National Park Koppány-Valley in Somogy, Hungary. We rent our houses for nice holidays and numerous activities on our estate or in the area, such as beautiful hikings, beautiful painting workshops, yoga retreats or making sculptures and mosaics. Take your time to look around on the website, so you can enjoy a holiday that will not be forgotten soon. Book your holiday that suits you best.

We offer:

Rental of beautiful holiday homes for wonderful vacations, some with private pool.
Hiking Holidays accompanied by our walking guides who know the areas at their fingertips, all in a beautiful setting. You can register individually or with your company or association. You can also walking without guides, on your own or with your own group.
Creative Holidays accompanied by artist Annerie Mol. Intuitively painting in a beautiful studio and in free nature, sculpturing or mosaics. During the creative holidays, Yoga classes are given and meditation, but for the real yogies we developed also special weeks for only yoga.
Click on the links below for more information, but of course you can always send us a message to discuss individual wishes. For example, if you want to come with a larger group or with the company or association.
Holiday About us (short)
Why Hungary is so very niceWe are Jean Wabbijn and Annerie Mol and left for Hungary in 2003. A nice country
that has been a member of the EU since 2004 with hospitable people, safe and prevalent
Catholic. A country where time seems to have stood still for 40 years, but where every-
thing is well arranged. Come to Hungary and 'experience'
this country in all its facets. Everybody can walk, or come
and have a wonderful week art painting, guided by
Annerie, artist pur sang. We have everything under
our own management, beautiful accommodation, a
beautiful studio, a cozy bar, excellent transport and
you stay in a place gazing beautiful views directly
from your terrace or pool, in the middle of nature.
Make your choice! What do like to do?
Some quotes from our guestbook:
Ria: "A week at Annerie and cs, my creative side is awake. Super thanks!"
Adrian: "The walks are beautiful, food is very nice, in short: a beautiful week."
Marijke: "For the 6th time again I have been painting with you. It was again very nice"
Frida: "The holiday was fantastic for me, the hikes, the surroundings, perfect!"


  • In the middle of nature and yet half an hour from Lake Balaton
  • Price worth and good food
  • Enjoying the pure life
  • Authenticity at local activities and festivals
  • Try the Hungarian cuisine prepared by the local chef
  • Wellness, Thermal bath 7km away
  • Continental climate, sun plateau

  • Our location in Hungary:

  • Village coat of arms Somogyacsa:
    Village coat of arms Somogyacsa


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