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Hiking trekking tours (selfguided) in Hungary are another completely new and adventurous way to celebrate your holidays in a country that is ideal for this. Artventures is unique in Hungary for walking / trekking tours.

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Artventures also offers you a number of selfguided trekking hikes in south-west Hungary as a beautiful trip in 7 days through nature park Koppányvölgy between the villages Fiád and Koppányszántó. The distance is about 63mi that you walk in 6 walking days, where you spend the night in several different places in this beautiful nature area.
But if you are just starting hiking, then we have the Fejérkõtõl Tündervölgyig walking tour just on the south side of Lake Balaton in a beautiful nature reserve with many villages. The name means 'from stone to fairy tale'. You stay at Artventures in Somogyacsa and you leave every morning after a good breakfast to the starting point for that day. Safe and trusted.

Checkmark Stay in authentic, small-scale accommodations such as B&B, hotel or camping chalets
Checkmark Many meals such as breakfast and lunch are included (with the exception of dinners, which you take with your daily stay or in a restaurant nearby)
Checkmark Walking through vast forest areas and characteristic villages where time has stood still for over 40 years
Checkmark We have everything well arranged: air travel, private transfers and daily baggage transport included
Checkmark GPS tracks or clear hiking maps are included, or you can use our Garmin GPS sets free of charge
We have also mapped a section of the Red Route for you (Dél dunantuli piros tura), between Síofok and Kaposvár over a distance of about 90mi.
But if you want to walk a part of the famous Sultans trail, you can also do that between northern balaton (starting from Tihany) and walking to the city of Pécs in the south of Hungary. This distance is about 95mi. and you walk in a period of 8 days, complete and cared for. So with good maps and/or gpx-files for your GPS, excellent overnight places (with breakfast) and your luggage is of course brought every day to your final destination in the hotel / pension / BB.
The DDP route and the Sultans trail will only be available in april 2019. Only then will all the accommodation information, the route itself and the booking prices be known.
Which trail are you going to do? We will have these 4 trekking tours ready for you:
1. Hiking trip Koppányvölgye Nature Park
8 days vacation (1 week), 6 walking days, 65mi. in the 13th National Park of Hungary. This trek­king tour lasts one week, and you walk with clear maps or GPS without a guide. The maximum num­ber of par­tici­pants for such a week is 6.

* booking is possible from january 1, 2019 book trip

2. Dél Dunántúli Piros túra, Red route DDP trail
10 vacation days, 8 wal­king days, 90mi. DDP red route from Siofok to Kapos­vár. This is about half of the total DDP route that runs until Szeks­zárd. Here too, the maxi­mum number of par­tici­pants is 6.

* This tour is only available from april 1, 2019 book trip

3. Hiking tour Fejérkõtõl Tündérvölgyig
8 days holiday 'from stone to fairy tale' (1 week), 5 walking­days, 50mi. at the south of lake balaton. This tour lasts one week and you walk with clear maps or GPS without a guide. This tour is well suited for novice walkers. You stay in one loca­tion. Maximum number of parti­cipants is 8.

* This tour is only available from april 1, 2019 book trip

4. Sultans trail, from lake Balaton to Pécs
8 days hiking vacation (one week), 6 heavy days walking, 90mi Sultans Trail Hungary, the part between lake Balaton, from Szántód to the city of Pécs. This section is a new piece of the famous Sultans trail that leads to the Turkish city of Istanbul. Number of participants: maximum 6.

* This tour is only available from april 1, 2019 book trip

Koppány­völgy natural park

The Koppányvölgy walking trail is a six-day walking tour over a distance of approx. 65mi. Your total holiday lasts 1 week (8 days incl. Arrival and departure day), for example from Sunday to Sunday. You start at our location in Somogyacsa and here you end after 6 fantastic walking days. Every day your luggage is taken to the location where you are staying.
The Koppányvölgy nature park is the 13th national park in Hungary and is centrally located in the Somogy province between Lake Balaton and the town of Kaposvár. Artventures is located in the middle of this beautiful nature park in the Somogy province in Hungary. A wooded area of ​​16,500 hectares with lakes, a rolling hilly landscape, natural springs and 12 villages where time has stood still for 40 years. In the immediate vicinity you can also go cycling, horse riding, and especially enjoy the peace and nature. There are some restaurants in the area, but also museums (including in Andocs at 7km) and you can buy local products such as honey, wine, pálinka and jams, embroidery and lace. You walk in this park a trek of approx. 65mi. divided over 6 hiking days. The total area is very varied and partly through a forest area, along lakes, many indigenous villages but also through open plains with unparalleled views. You come across vantage towers, hunting huts and (covered) resting places and many animals like deer, roe deer, foxes, wild boar and sometimes a mouflon.

Google map Koppanyvolgy naturepark

Every day another tour (different color), total 65mi.


Day 1
Arrival at Budapest airport and transfer to the accommodation in Somogyacsa, where you will spend the first afternoon / evening. You will be received with your group with a Hungarian welcome drink and snack. In the evening you will have dinner in a good restaurant in the nearby town of Igal.

Day 2
After a good breakfast you leave with your group for the first trip from Somogyacsa to Somogydörökscke. You start today with a quiet journey of about 15 kilometers. You will pass the bison reserve where many real Hungarian bisons live who are considered protected species in Hungary. The tour goes for a large part through the forest, past various lookout towers and after about 15 km you arrive at your destination Hidas Ház in the village Somogydörörcske.
A spacious holiday home for 6 people. In the evening your luggage is of course present at the location. The evening meal is possible where you eat with the real Hungarian pot prepared by the Dutch owner. There is also the possibility to have dinner in a neighboring restaurant.
Bison park SomogyacsaBison / buffelo park Somogyacsa

Day 3
Breakfast is served in Hidas Ház and at about 9.00 am your walking tour starts at the place Koppányszantó in the next province of Tolna. The tour goes partly through a beautiful forest and partly along open fields. After about 10 kilometers you are on the place Törökkoppány. Here you will find one of the oldest Catholic churches in the province and many examples of the former Turkish domination. After this village you walk further along the kopány-creek and from the Somogy province to the province of Tolna head towards the campsite. You stay with up to 6 people in 2 luxurious and well equipped caravans (one 2 person and one 4 person).
Catholic church TörökkoppányCatholic church Törökkoppány

Day 4
After the breakfast provided by the campsite owner, the first real ordeal is on the agenda today. A hefty journey of no less than 21 kilometers along 4 different villages. You usually walk in an open field and arrive in Érteny after about 4 km. A small but beautiful village on the edge of the Tolna province. There are various places of interest along the way, such as a centuries-old well (Török-kút) and various lookout towers that offer a view of the beautiful surroundings. Along the way at Malomtetõ you will find a nice lunch place to relax halfway and enjoy the beautiful nature. After more than 21 kilometers you arrive at a campsite where a delicious Hungarian evening meal is prepared for you. You are back in the Somogy province in the small picturesque village of Miklósi. Of course your luggage is at that destination again. You stay here in a beautiful 6 person cottage with all amenities.
TörökkútUnique left over well: Török-kút

Day 5
The breakfast is well arranged at the campsite (fresh bread rolls, also on the go) and after the delicacies the tour starts to the place Bonnya over a distance of about 20 km. You pass several villages of which the first is Zics. Here is the former Zichy castle of one of the former landlords of the area. Then you go to Andocs, where there is a real monastery with a corresponding lace-museum of old costumes of the area from earlier times. If time permits, just walk in there. The adjacent church is also beautiful to view inside.
The tour goes mainly through open field to the place Bonnya where you stay in a beautiful Hotel located in the valley called Somogy-Kertje (Garden of Somogy). In the adjacent restaurant you can enjoy a delicious meal prepared by skilled Hungarian chefs. The restaurant is very well regarded in the meadow environment.
Church monastry AndocsCatholic church and monastry Andocs

Day 6
The breakfast in Somogy-Kertje is also excellent to mention and then begins the journey towards a real city (since 2014) at about 16 km called Igal, where you have been before. The tour is really beautiful and for a small part also goes through wooded areas, but also the phenomenal views are highly recommended. The place Igal is a nice town where a large Thermálbad is located. If time lends itself to it, take a dip in the healing springs of this water complex or let your legs be massaged by one of the masseuses present for a small fee. Today you will stay in Hotel Peresa in the center of Igal. A luxury hotel with excellent service, tasty meals and a good breakfast. In Igal you can also find plenty of entertainment at night.
Thermalbath IgalThe medicinal thermálbath Igal

Day 7
The last walking tour goes back to Somogyacsa. The place where you started over a distance of 14 km, mainly through a beautiful forest. You leave Igal on the north side and enter the immense forests of the Koppány-Völgy nature park near the water tower. You will certainly meet roe deer or wild boar along the way. The lunch spot is nicely covered and is called Gerézdi Erdészház and is about 8 km away. Over the hills another 6 km and you are exactly on the spot where you started a week ago. Hardly to remember given the many experiences and villages you have passed. On behalf of Artventures Vakanties a real Hungarian has prepared a delicious bógraz with pörkölt over a wood fire (original Hungarian Goulash) and you can enjoy live Hungarian music which inaugurates a beautiful evening (last).
Gerézdi ErdészházLunch on Gerézdi Erdészház in the middle of the woods

Day 8
After breakfast in the central bar we prepare for the trip to Budapest. Depending on the departure time of your plane, we can catch a glimpse of this beautiful city: the pearl on the Danube. If time permits we drive to various tourist venues, but of course you have to be at the airport 2 hours before departure for the trip home. If you have arrived in Hungary with your own transport, this is also the last one day of this hiking trip.


Your accommodation is well arranged. You stay partly in B / B's or in beautiful holiday-stays in the different villages. In Igal you stay in Hotel Peresa.


Trip Info
This 8 days journey is composed as follows. Complete walking arrangement: 6 walking days, total stay 7 days (eg sunday to sunday). You run a total trip of approx. 65mi. Included is the use of clear walking maps and, if desired, we have Garmin GPS-sen available. Basic price excl. additional costs: only € 790 (£ 680)
* single person charge: € 125,- total: € 915
* 2nd participant: € 690,- total: € 1,480
* 3rd participant: € 590,- total: € 2,070
* 4th participant: € 490,- total: € 2,560
* 5th participant: € 390,- total: € 2,950
* 6th participant: € 390,- total: € 3,340

Additional for every booking:
GF: 1x contribution GGTO guarantee € 15
TT: tourist tax € 7 pp.
AC: 1x Bookingsfee € 20

FT: Flight ticket, from € 100 pp.
RB: Extra check bagage from € 40 pp.


Inclusive/exclusive basic price € 790
(£ 680)

The journey includes: Exclusive:
- Transfers from/to Budapest. - Flight (optional)
- Breakfast (and lunch) - Diners
- Luggage transport (daily base) - Bookingsfee
- Use of GPS or walkingmaps - Tourist tax
- Direct help if needed - GGTO-Guarantee fund

Frequently ask questions

Garmin GPX map  Koppanyvolgy natural park

Garmin maps, GPX file trekking tour

The map above contains the entire Koppányvölgy trekking tour over a distance of 63mi. You start the tour with us in Somogyacsa on day 1, and then we go to Somogydörörökcske. Every day we go a lot further to arrive the last day at the location where you started. Of course, your baggage will be brought forward to the arrival location so that you have all your things at hand.

Here a random day of this fantastic tour:


It was a very nice holiday with special trekking tours around the province of Somogy, Hungary.


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