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Unique hiking holidays in Hungary!
Active and sporty in nature during a walking holiday in the nature park Koppány-völgy, Tihany, Lake Balaton or near the Deseda-lake and more.

You are often tired. You get hit pretty fast, you react differently to your environment. You are always in your head and you find that you need rest and relaxation. It's time to change that. You would like to make beautiful walks, go out there.

But yes, where is that possible? Artventures offers you a unique hiking holiday concept. Nature, space, clean air and relaxation. Walk your head "empty" and go for walks with like-mindeds, delicious, well-kept meals, spa baths and massages in a fantastic environment. Arrange it today!

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Completely cared for and alter­nate. Meet the fan­tastic rol­ling land­scape, the hospi­tality of the people, the Hunga­rian cul­ture and gas­tro­nomy.


Checkmark 8 days, 7 nights, complete trip with experienced guide(s), all-inclusive! Look here for availability and the low prices for your trip.
Checkmark Individually participate in a hiking holiday (groups until a maximum of 12 guests), or join the entire hiking association (up to 40 participants).
Checkmark Do you want to walk on your own without a guide? We facilitate the accommodation, and if you want the hikes (GPX-files or maps) and more. Click here for info!
Checkmark Exceptional day trips between 9.5 to 15 mi (15 to 25 km). There are shortened routes possible if required.
Checkmark Beautiful trails full of variety and suitable for the experienced and less experienced hikers.
Checkmark A day off. Can be spent as needed, such as reading, do nothing, wellness, culture. Ask for it.
Checkmark Stay in authentic luxury farms, seamlessly connected to the environment, based on a double bed room.
Checkmark Single rooms or own apartment / studio is possible, book in advance.
Checkmark The pool is open from May to October.
Checkmark Transfers to Budapest Airport. If you want, we also arrange the airline tickets!
Checkmark Home, fully taken care of. Delicious food, as many Hungarian dishes as possible from regional fair products. Also vegetarian and vegan dishes possible.
Want to know what other guests found? Then check out our guestbook and convince yourself. Come to Hungary once!
If you want to experience a well-organized hiking trip (group tour with guides), the weeks indicated in green are available to you. Look here in our annual calendar.


You see, in the coming period we have again a number of beautiful hiking weeks for you. Sign up now and you are there with us in Somogyacsa.
Would you better like to book by a booklet? Then use this booking form.
Of course you can also call us or send a message.

Do you want to book with the whole walking association? Please contact us immediately and we will make an appointment.

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Do you want to go on your own (self guided), or with your own group, click here for more info and plan your own journey. You can then experience your own individual walking holiday in any desired period.

Combination-week painting and walking

Do you want to be also creative during your holiday to alternate this with wonderful walks? Then we have the perfect combination for you: Walking and Painting Holidays.
Look here for a good impression/book (Dutch group, September 2018) made by other guests, or follow this link for more info.

This book is only available for participants in this unique walking and painting week.
Look here for a walking- and painting week (combination) that suits you best:

Sign up now and come to Hungary (travelcode: C).

Hungary is the outstanding hiking country for a sporting hiking holiday.

Views with stunning panoramics over Lake Balaton. One of the days we can cross the Lake Balaton to the Peninsula Tíhany. Where the enthusiast of art and Souvenirs can enjoy themselves after having made a nice (short) walk. And just enjoy the beautiful view.

Hiking Map of the province Somogy Hungary
Somogy, the name of the province where we mainly walk. The Somogy region borders on the south side of Lake Balaton and has an alternate (hill) landscape with a large wine area. You can go hiking without the barriers of inheritance secrecy, with and without guide. From the lodge you walk into nature. With forests and "wild" animals, you are very likely to see a little deers or black pigs. Hungary has a fantastic healthy country climate and every season has such charms. Choose for a sporty, cozy, well-organized and affordable hiking holiday in Hungary at Artventures.
Jean, I know enough . .

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Hiking trails


During your hiking week we will make some beautiful hiking tours accompanied by our English speaking guide(s). If you want to walk without a guide, sign up for the "Hiking holiday flexible" on this booking page. Each trip you get from us has been described, with photos and a height profile. You walk in Koppányvölgy nature park (one of the 13 national parks of Hungary), the DDPT red route (Dél-Dunántúli Piros Túra) or a part of the famous Sultanstrail.

Hiking trips from 9.5 to 15 mi (15 to 25 km), or if you wish, you will take half a way if you find the entire route too far. Below one of the (day) hiking trips we do during a hiking holiday. This map is fully interactive including some photos of this tour.

© Artventures
Hiking in Hungary


Click on the green dots for more info or pictures of the location.

In addition to some beautiful walks in this beautiful natural park, where you stay during the week, we also go hiking near Lake Balaton, including the Tíhany Peninsula. We also have a beautiful trip near the provincecapital Kaposvár, with the beautiful Deseda lake running around 13.5 mi (about 22 km). During a hiking week, you will go on a number of trips, every day in a completely different area. One day we climb something, the other day along a lake, we see a deers, black pigs or beautiful birds and won't forget: the beautiful vegetation along the hiking trails.
Jean, I know enough . .

    Hiking guide: Jean

Hiking with guides

Download / brochure pdf

Have a whole week enjoying an impressive landscape of calm and natural beauty. Every day we do another beautiful hike with an English speaking guide. Your stay is based on full board at home. - 8 day trip, 7 nights - Transport in Hungary with our minibuses or touringcar to and from the airport and during the week to the hiking routes. Pool with large terrace from which we enjoy a great view over the Koppány valley. Book the holiday week you will not forget soon!

Together, with a group and for singles, this trip is easy to do and suitable for everyone.

Hiking Enjoying the view of Tihany Lake Balaton

On this page we try to put as much information as possible about the beautiful walking tours that we walk every year in Hungary. We can imagine that you want to know more about certain topics. Then choose a topic below, after which you can read more about it.

If you have more or other questions, please contact us via the Contact form, or call our office in Waddinxveen (Holland).



Walking holidays with guides
In 2020 the following hiking weeks (group travel) are planned. Prices are based on a single booking. If you want to go with a minimum of 5 participants, or with your association in another week then that is obviously negotiable.

Walking holidays
8-day trip, 5 walking days, guided, 9.5 to 15mi., one day off, Trips, Goulash, Hungarian evening etc. BOOK HERE
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The annual overview

Walking and painting combination
8-day trip, all-inclusive, Morning: Walking with guide (max.8mi), Afternoon: creative/painting with Annerie Mol and offcourse all extras! BOOK HERE
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The annual overview

Travel booked? Simply complete the booking form and you will be on the waiting list without obligation. Choose option: Fully booked? I place myself on waiting list.
All travel with 100% departure guarantee!

Extra options, if you want: Prices
FT: Flight tickets (direct cost) from £ 88 € 100,-
= inclusive transfer BP <> Somogyacsa (VV)
RB: Extra check bagage from £ 35 € 40,-
SR: Single room for yourself, during holiday £ 109 € 125,-
TF: Seperate transfer BP <> Somogyacsa £ 105 € 120,-
Additional for every booking:
GF: Contrib. GGTO guarantee fund £ 13.20 € 15,-
TT: Tourist tax p.p.p.n. £ 0.88 € 1,-
AC: Administration/Handlingfee £ 18 € 20,-

Jean, I know enough . .

Hiking with guide in rolling landscape

Two types of groups:

1. Individual booking, where you subscribe for one of the planned weeks. With 5 participants or more in one booking, you also receive a 10% discount on the entire package price. You will be picked up (with the entire group) from the airport in Budapest and you will experience a fantastic walking week together at our location in Somogyacsa. During your walking holiday we walk several beautiful trips in the province Somogy, and if possible we do a city walk in Budapest (optional).
Hiking star Special prices walking associations 
2. A hiking association, business trip, family trip, team building, it all can. We have the cooperation and know-how to organise beautiful hiking week's for small and large groups. With our mini-bus or touringcar to or from the airport in Budapest, the driver will be available throughout the whole week. All meals, between a day off with many activities like and Hungarian party-night with live music, or just nothing. It's all up to you. Mail your questions or make an appointment. We have a nice presentation to show on your clubevening (in Holland live, in foreign countries by the internet).

Delicious pure food

From fresh Hungarian ingredients from the region, tasty meals. Hungarian specialty "pörkölt" is cooked outdoors on a wood fire in a boiler on a tripod.

Walking Peter with tripod making Gulash

A holiday with a hiking week (group travel) includes:

  • - Flightticket (optional> see terms and conditions)
  • - Fuel, Transfers and Transport in Hungary
  • - Guided tour of English speeking walking guide(s)
  • - Gorgeous walks in a very varied area
  • - 1 Day off, at your discretion
  • - English speaking guidance
  • - All meals at home (Full board)
  • - If possible: A day (roundtrip) in Budapest

A walking week offers you a different route every day
Today we are going to do the following trip with our guide(s).


Hiking Look here in the guestbook

Airline tickets to Budapest

If you want to book a nice walking holiday to us in Hungary, we can arrange the flight ticket for you at cost price. You only have to go to the airport, and our bus is ready for you in Budapest.

Flying to Budapest on Liszt Ferenc Int.Airport (Terminal 2) is possible with the following airlines.
> From London Gatwick with EasyjetHiking easyJet logo
> From London Luton with WizzairHiking Wizzair logo
> From London Stansted with RyanairHiking Ryanair logo
> From Manchester with Ryanair
   or Jet2.comHiking logo
> From Edinburgh with
> From Dublin with Ryanair or Aer LingusHiking Aer Lingus logo

We are looking for the best possible flight ticket for your holiday. This depends on which company has the best offer, the available data and of course the best price. Well in advance we choose the airport from which the group leaves, so that everyone arrives in Budapest at the same time. From the airport in Budapest you will then be picked up and taken to your holiday location in Somogyacsa.


Something else more...

Hiking Renault Iliade coach Renault Trafic mini bus
Suitable transportation for each walking group. We have 9 person mini buses, or for large groups, a coach.
Hiking Bonbini inside and outside bar
The Bonbini Bar is the central place during your stay in Somogyacsa. Delicious Hungarian cuisine, a drink and a bite. Breakfast from 8 am and open daily until 11:00 pm. You are welcome!


We had a fantastic hiking holiday with Artventures!

Come to Hungary for once!
Jean, I really know enough now . .

  • For up to 12 people, stay in Somogyacsa in authentic Tanya's.Hiking Walking group mini bus at Deseda lake
  • Up to 40 people, sometimes weeks for singles, stay in a nice hotel in Igal.Hiking Walking group big touringcar at Deseda lake
  • The walkingtrails are for everyone to do well. Average 2 'shoes', 2.5 to 3 mph in rolling landscape.
  • We have free Wi-Fi in every room. You may also use our computer / printer.
  • Our swimming pool is free to use from May to October.
  • We have a central bar > Bonbini inside- and outside bar, open daily until about 11 pm.
  • Wifi all over the place!
    Accommodation hiking holiday:Hiking holiday Punda house on front You stay in one of our holiday homes, equipped with all luxury, kitchen, bathroom.
  • Hiking holiday Punda bedroom Nice bedrooms with lovely beds and minibar.
  • Hiking holiday Punda cozy living room Cozy living room with DVD player, LED TV, and of course Wi-Fi.
  • Hiking Punda pool and terraces From May to September, you can use our pool.


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