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You have had a busy or difficult time. You are always in your head and notice that you need peace and relaxation. It is time to change this. But yes, where is that possible? At Artventures you are at the right address. You can let your creativity run wild.

We offer you nature, space, relaxation and creative activities. Make your head "empty" during meditation yoga, focused on your breathing. Come close to your feeling, intuitive painting with like-minded people. Tasty and well-kept meals, spa baths, massages.

Annerie has already something special for you!

Intuitively Painting Holiday

Painting studio paintingstudio Annerie inside

Painting studio paintingstudio Annerie from the fieldsPainting studio paintingstudio Annerie 3 students

Color, shape, contrast, shadow, light, composition, balance.

Painting Annerie MolAnnerie Mol

In the group personal attention. Accompanied by Annerie who will give you some of the techniques which you can continue. Beautifully creative and active, you are busy with the goal of being happy, relaxing and slowly learn to let go. So we start with a short meditation to drain your head and rest in you too consider. Mosaics with organic materials, yoga, intuitive development and self healing, singing bowl massage. The Holiday homes are characterized by pure nature, pleasure, creativity, cosiness, wellness and culture. Look here for availability and prices for your creative holiday.

On half November we always have a nice Hungarian "come back day" in the studio of Annerie in Holland, Waddinxveen (NL).

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At Annerie you can find it on all sides, such as: making sculpture from stone, painting of impressionistic landscapes, abstracts, Portraits.
Give yourself this great holiday!

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This year we have again a series of beautiful weeks.
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You can paint as well

You can paint as well

Painting Newsletters


Stay in authentic Somogy farms (Hungarian tanya's). These have been refurbished with respect for as many authentic details as possible.

The workshops are accompanied by artist Annerie. The various workshops and activities all contribute to making you feel good, conscious and mindful. As you work, Annerie gives you techniques and more handles to paint. Learning to look and look also different. Creative expression with acrylic paint and other natural materials. Atelier: The former barn has been refurbished and serves as a studio, with plenty of space and light through the glass sliding doors. In warm weather, enjoy a nice shade on the terrace or among one of the many fruit trees to paint in nature. Of course, this nice holiday week is all-inclusive and you will be picked up at the airport in Budapest and brought back again.

Painting Intuitively by Annerie

Intuitively Painting

First, you get an explanation of materials, substructures and the various possibilities or themes. You are looking for a nice place to work and before we begin painting, we try to clear our head through a meditation with attention to breathing. This helps to come to your feeling, intuition. From your feelings you choose color and start painting. While you are busy, Annerie provides you techniques that you can apply equally! So you learn in practice as you go. By painting intuitively, paint and choose your color as it were from your feelings. This will help you to let go of everyday things. The results are very surprising, original and make you happy.

It is nice that (almost) everything is allowed and nothing is mandatory. The painting is suitable for everyone .... to paint you do not have to draw. Painting with acrylic or mixed technique accompanied by artist Annerie, www.anneriemol.com. This workshop includes the use of materials, with the exception of paper and paints. These are available at a small fee. Experience how intuitive expression works freely and strengthens your sense of inner strength.

. . . . and delicious and pure food
From fresh Hungarian ingredients from the region, tasty meals. Hungarian specialty "pörkölt" is cooked outdoors on a wood fire in a boiler on a tripod. Vegetarian food is of course also possible.

A holiday with painting week:
- Flight (optional > see Terms and Conditions)
- Fuel, transfers and transportation in Hungary
- Guidance of artist Annerie Mol.
- Various excursions (eg Museum visit, Balaton lake / Tihany etc.)
- English spoken on the spot.

Agenda 2018

In 2018 the following creative weeks are planned. If you want to come with a minimum of 5 participants, or with your association in another week then that is obviously negotiable.

Tripcode, Period Price £ Price €
S1-A: Sun., May 27th to June 3, 8 days £ 530 € 595,-
S1-B: Sun., May 27th to Wed.June 6, 11 days £ 660 € 745,-
S2: Sunday 10 to 17 June 2018 £ 530 € 595,-
S3: Sunday 1 to 8 July 2018 £ 530 € 595,-
S4: Monday 20th to 27th August 2018 £ 530 € 595,-
8-day trip, painting, soapstone or mosaics, 1 day off, Trips, Goulash, Hungarian evening.
C1: Sunday 9 to 16 Sept. 2018, Walking/Painting £ 575,- € 645,-
Morning: Walks (max.8mi), Afternoon: creative/painting with Annerie Mol.
Click here for more Info about this special trip!

Free places A few places left Only 1 place Full booked


Additional costs:
FT: If desired > Flight ticket from £ 88 € 100,-
= including transfer BP <> Somogyacsa (VV)
RB: If desired > Check baggage from £ 35 € 40,-
TF: Separate transfer BP <> Somogyacsa £ 105 € 120,-
TT: Tourist tax p.p.p.n. £ 0.88 € 1,-
AC: Admin./handling fee per booking £ 18 € 20,-

Or see our annual calendar!


Airline tickets to Budapest

If you want to book a nice holiday to us in Hungary, we can arrange the flight ticket for you at cost price. You only have to go to the airport, and our bus is ready for you in Budapest.

Flying to Budapest on Liszt Ferenc Int.Airport (Terminal 2) is possible with the following airlines.
> From London Gatwick with EasyjetPainting easyJet logo
> From London Luton with WizzairPainting Wizzair logo
> From London Stansted with RyanairPainting Ryanair logo
> From Manchester with Ryanair or Jet2.comPainting Jet2.com logo
> From Edinburgh with Jet2.com
> From Dublin with Ryanair or Aer LingusPainting Aer Lingus logo

We are looking for the best possible flight ticket for your holiday. This depends on which company has the best offer, the available data and of course the best price. Well in advance we choose the airport from which the group leaves, so that everyone arrives in Budapest at the same time. Then from the airport in Budapest you will be picked up and taken to your holiday location in Somogyacsa.



Painting Soapstone holiday painting Annerie Mol
Sculpture in soapstone is suitable for beginners as well as advanced. Soapstone is a very soft stone that is easy to handle by means of filing, sawing and drilling. Finally sanding, polishing and lubricating the image will make you feel comfortable. The most beautiful colors appear.

Experience is not necessary. Editing the piece of soapstone goes into steps. The first step is to look and turn, see the shape of the stone. When it's clear to you, you can start rasping and filming. There are rasps and shapes in all kinds of shapes and sizes available. If the shape is there, it can be polished with inter alia sandpaper of various grains. Finally, the piece of stone is polished and put in the wax for a beautiful shine.

Painting Sunset blue red evening sun




Painting Mosaic painting mosaic
You can use natural materials that you find in the area, and sometimes you can also use it as a substrate, creating a sustainable organic-derived mosaic. A nice keepsake of this "natural" holiday.

Technique and material knowledge are present. Nature provides abundant materials, such as beautiful pebbles in all kinds of earthy tones, pieces of colored tiles that are left behind. Wood, in sizes, colors and types. And then there is always what the shop has for mosaics. Every tile shop will have some broken tiles. They like to donate them to the creative process of an artist. Heavy and big creations that can not be taken on the plane, are brought to you by the end of the season (in Holland).

Painting Mosaic Elly creative
Painting Mosaic Wil creative


Painting Guestbook

Yoga at Artventures


Painting Yoga at Artventures by teacher PenelopyPainting Yoga star Anouncement Summer 2018
A few weeks a year we organize wonderful Yoga retreats provided by Yogateachers Penelopy and Mariska (RYT Certified). A whole week of Yoga in a beautiful decor of peace and nature on the solar platform in Somogyacsa, Hungary.
Yoga retreats are special holidays (mostly one week), but also during the creative painting weeks (painting / sculpture / mosaics) there is the possibility to follow in the early morning yoga lessons teached by Annerie. Ask for it. The lessons take place on the various terraces, by the pool, or in the beautiful countryside. In less weather, of course, inside our Yoga Center / Atelier.

Painting yoga artventures outside in the wild

Vegan Yoga Retreat 2.0

Join us this summer for a 7 day multi-style yoga retreat in Hungary, where you will get an opportunity to build on the basics of yoga and nourish your creativity. Especialy for you we developed: Vegan Yoga Retreat 2.0 !
We believe that anyone who is affected by yoga, in any way, deserves to learn more about yoga in a special place and to rest and expand his or her own practice. Find balance in the lifestyle that suits you by participating in this retreat. Let yoga bring your daily life beauty.

What are we going to do during this week?
~ Daily two yoga classes (4 different styles)
~ Daily meditation (including mantras)
~ Pranayama / Breathing Techniques
~ Reiki and Tibetan singingbowl massages
~ Workshops accompanied by artist Annerie Mol
~ Comprehensive yoga workshops
~ Tracking through the surroundings
~ Swimming in Lake Balaton

What else?
~ Daily three raw-vegetable meals
~ Fresh juices every morning in our juice bar!
~ A lot of fruit

~ Monday August 27 to Sun. September 2, 2018
~ Price: £ 615 or € 695,- one full week, 7 days.

The Yoga retreats are accessible to all levels. If you're at the beginning of your yoga journey, these 7 days will take you a big step further.

Painting Yoga group with Artventures in Somogyacsa, Hungary

Painting yoga at artventures in Somogyacsa, Hungary

Painting yoga with Artventures in Somogyacsa, in free natureWonderful yoga retreats inside, outside or in free nature!

Then choose the option: Vegan Yoga Retreat 2.0
Painting yoga teacher Mariska and PenelopyPenny Certificaat Yoga teacher

Mariska and Penelopy
(RYT Certified Yoga-teachers)

Singing Bowl Massage


Painting singing bowl meditation
The self-healing power of your body is triggered by the vibrations that produce the Tibetan singing bowls. Not only through the ear, but through all your senses, the vibrations come in and resonate at cell level. They give energetic power and have an impenetrable positive effect on your entire body. With total relaxation resulting. There is a deep inner peace that allows you to balance your body again. With sufficient interest you can follow a workshop with; - the basic principles and theory - exercise a lot, you learn to provide a total singing bowl massage at both physical and energetic level. After having completed this week, you will receive a certificate and a reference book. Curious? You can make an appointment for a sound massage to experience what it does for you, send an email. For a massage you are dressed and it is wise to wear easy wearing clothes.
Painting banner yoga in Hongarije.nl

Accommodation during your vacation

During your vacation you stay, usually with another participant in one room, in one of our holiday villas. If you want a separate room for yourself, is that possible of course. Please indicate this during booking. Of course, the normal room division is always F/F or M/M. All holiday villas have a living room, kitchen, shower / toilet and several bedrooms. The bedrooms have a minibar filled on arrival. In the living room you will also find a TV-DVD player, and there is Wi-Fi throughout the location.
Painting Stay painting week PundaYou stay in one of our holiday homes, equipped with all luxury, kitchen, bathroom.

Painting Stay painting week Punda luxury bedroomsNice bedrooms with lovely beds and minibar.

Stay painting week Punda luxury living roomCozy living room with DVD player, LED TV, Wi-Fi.

Stay painting week Punda poolFrom May to September, you can use our pool.

Bonbini cozy bar, for delicious juices/drinks and relaxing.

Painting Yoga retreats with fresh products from the landWe only use 100% fresh products directly from our land.


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* You will also receive a free sketchbook and a fineliner gift!

* You will also receive a free sketchbook and a fineliner gift!

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* You will also receive a free sketchbook and a fineliner gift!


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